Why a red key?

A key is something most of us carry every day, but few of us think about. Our keys unlock safety, mobility, and a sense of belonging. 

We chose the red key as a symbol of solidarity, a conversation starter, and a statement of support for the incredible organizations engaged in relief and resettlement.

We hope that this campaign helps to create a world where all of those displaced around the world can experience the same comforts our keys symbolize for each of us.  


WHY A Traditional Business structure (VERSUS a 501c3 NON-PROFIT)?

Because we’re not seeking major donations and do not need tax-exempt status, we have chosen to setup our campaign using a simple business structure that allows us to raise awareness, sell keys, and support partner organizations, all while remaining lean in our operations. 

This structure benefits other non-profit organizations by allowing us to direct attention and resources their way, rather than focusing on building our own organization (and competing with them for grants and donor dollars). 

We cover our overhead with the money made from key sales, and donate our profits directly to established experts on the ground. 


Where Does the Money Go?

While the main goal of our campaign is awareness, we are also proud to donate a significant amount of our revenue to organizations that work directly with refugees. Here’s an approximate breakdown of where the money goes when you purchase a single key for $10: 

  • Fixed Costs (Keys, Packaging, Assembly, shipping): $3.00
  • KFR Administration and Campaign Overhead: $2.00
  • Profit (Donated for Refugee Resettlement): $5.00

Currently, we donate all profits to HIAS, a four-star charity that works in 10 countries, assisting with relief and resettlement for refugees and displaced people around the world. 

These numbers will likely change as our campaign grows and scales, but we are committed to staying transparent about what we spend and where the money is going.



Keys For Refugees does not advocate for a specific political party, candidate, or belief system. We are focused on raising awareness about the humanitarian realities of displacement around the world. We believe in the political process and the power of advocacy, and encourage you to learn and voice your opinions.



Our mission is to raise awareness for the 65 million refugees and displaced people around the world. This includes more than 11 million people who have been displaced by the conflict in Syria. It also includes large numbers of refugees and internally displaced people from diverse countries such as Ukraine, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, Myanmar, Columbia, Libya, Mali, and Kyrgyzstan.


Can i make a donation to keys for refugees?

Keys For Refugees is an awareness campaign that directs attention and resources to organizations assisting refugees around the world. We would love for you to purchase red keys for family, friends, and those in your communities.

If you would like to make a larger donation to refugee relief and resettlement, please consider supporting our friends at HIAS, as well as other organizations that provide direct support to those who need it.


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