Conversations shape people. People shape the world.


about us

We believe that caring for refugees and displaced people is the greatest humanitarian challenge facing our generation. We also know that in order to inspire change and compassion on a large scale, we must be able to talk openly about this challenge with our families, friends, and communities.

We started this campaign with the simple idea that a key can unlock a conversation, a conversation can lead to action, and a series of actions can change the world. Many of us look at our keys every day without realizing what powerful symbols they are - literally granting us access to safety, mobility, and freedom. We hope that these red keys will open up curiosity, compassion, and action on behalf of refugees and those who support them. 

Thank you for joining us and helping to spread the word.

~ Martin & Rachel



Whether you wear it, snap it, or share it, you can use your key to inspire hope and advocate for those who need it.